GFA Trauma Casualty and Care

Instructor: Jerrod Baugh
Total Tuition Cost: $125 (You leave with a starter kit)
Deposit: $50
Class Size: N/A

2021 Class Dates:
Saturday November 13, 2021 at 8am.

Greencastle Gun Range

Class Description:
This course is for those wanting training objectives in medical education and application of trauma care including gunshot wounds in various emergency situations, incidents, and environments. This training can not only save your life but the lives of those around you.

*Students will leave class with a trauma kit including a tourniquet, pressure bandage, and chest seal.*

Course Objectives:
• Overview of the history, science and evolution of TCC.
• Types of injuries and applicable TCC interventions to improve survival including developing hands-on proficiency with: Bleeding control of both arterial and other blood loss.
• Recognition and simple management of chest and torso injury including gunshot wounds.
• Simple airway management and body positioning.
• Recognition and simple management of shock and prevention of hypothermia.
• Efficient patient movement.
• Hands-on training for TCC interventions to include: tourniquets, wound packing, compression bandages, chest seals, lifts/moves/carries, hypothermia prevention.

Equipment Requirements:
**All Medical Equipment used during the class will be provided by the instructor.**