Defensive Carry Pistol

Instructor: Jerrod Baugh
Cost: $200
Deposit: $50
Class Size: 10 people
Ammo Count: 400 rounds

2024 Class Dates:

May 11, Saturday 9am-6pm at Lebanon Police Range *CLASS IS FULL* Registration has closed.

Class Description:
This class is for the shooter who is going to carry a pistol for personal protection. At the completion of this course, you will be better prepared to defend yourself and family with a pistol from your person or while in your home. You should have a working knowledge of the handgun before this class. This class has a high round count, and the student should be ready to be physically active for the entire class.

Course Objectives:
• Firearms Safety including home storage
• Legal issues related to the use of the firearm
• Safe use of the firearm for personal protection
• Malfunction clearing
• Carrying and deployment of the pistol
• Shot placement on the human body for maximum effectiveness
• Bullet demonstration and selection information for self-defense
• Moving and shooting

Let us give you the shooting skills and thought process needed to defend yourself and family from those who would plan to harm you. Our classes are small in participant size, so that each student gets the proper instruction time and attention needed.

Equipment Requirements:
Bring your own defensive semi-auto pistol (9mm or larger caliber), a quality carry holster (no nylon holster that closes when empty), four magazines, magazine belt holder, great attitude and 400 rounds of factory ammo.