Shotgun Home Defense

Instructor: Jerrod Baugh
Cost: $200
Deposit: $50
Class Size: 5 people
Ammo Count: 220 rounds

2023 Class Dates:
Saturday 9am-5pm at Greencastle

Email me if interested in attending this class. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Class Description:
This class is for those who have purchased a shotgun, want to know how it works, and how to deploy it for personal protection. We will focus on the use, characteristics, and reloading of this fantastic firearm for personal defense.

Course Objectives:
• Issues discussed and shooting activities:
• Firearms Safety including home storage
• Legal issues related to the use of the firearm
• Safe use of the firearm in personal protection
• Malfunction clearing
• Ammunition maintenance for the shotgun
• Shot placement on the human body for maximum effectiveness
• Shooting positions with cover
• Search techniques for your residence
• Shotgun ammunition characteristics and choice

Equipment Requirements:
Bring your own pump action or semi-auto shotgun, belt pouch to load ammo from, great attitude, 200 rounds bird shot, 10 slugs, 10 buckshot, all factory ammo (reduced recoil is OK for class).